Rescue Workers Were Not Prepared For What They Found In This Bag Of Dog Food

Four emaciated beagles, one dead and shoved in a dog food bag, were found in late November by the side of the road in Fowlerville, Mich. Authorities there are offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

“Horrendous acts of animal cruelty will not be tolerated within our community,” said Livingston County Animal Control director Andy Seltz. “We are dedicated to preventing and ending animal cruelty in our county and our staff will remain vigilant to ensure offenders are brought to justice.”

The deceased dog was about 7 years old, according to the LCAC officers who rescued the animals. The other three dogs, while severely malnourished, were lucid enough to be playing around in a nearby field when officers arrived.

Animal control officers arrived at the unsettling scene, where a single bag of dog food contained the body of a dead beagle, on Nov. 26.

“Starving an animal to death is especially cruel,” Michigan Humane Society CEO and president Matthew Pepper stated in a release. “Along with the LCAC, we work to give voices to the innocent animals in our communities who suffer from the brutality of callous humans. And while justice is important for this poor dog, it’s also important that we recognize that violence toward animals can evolve into violence toward people.”

The three living beagles, while emaciated, are expected to make full recoveries and hopefully be adopted out.

The Livingston County Animal Control and the Michigan Humane Society are both contributing to the $5,000 reward. Anyone with information on the case, how the dogs arrived at the location, and who is responsible, is urged to contact Livingston County Animal Control Officer Melinda Szabelski at 517-540-7514 or

The Animal Rescue Site wishes the best for these surviving beagles. As such, it’s important we draw attention to the laws in place that will protect other dogs from facing the same fate.

Despite the limited protection provided by state and federal regulations, such as the Animal Welfare Act, less-than-ethical entrepreneurs are exploiting loopholes to sell animals directly to consumers, often using the internet as a conduit .While advocates continue to push for tougher legislation on puppy mills, consumers continue to unknowingly purchase puppies and the cycle continues. Rather than relying on a lethargic legislative process, consumers can intervene directly by making responsible and informed decisions when searching for that new family member.

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