This Labrador Is Setting Off Alarms With His Persistent Poots

Some dogs are all bark and no bite, but this one in particular has a unique set of skills.

Stricken with a case of bad gas, this chocolate lab announces his presence with a trumpeting posterior. It’s a surprise even to him!

Source: YouTube/Storyful Rights Management

The poor pup hangs his head in shame after realizing he is now relegated to a life of relentless muffin-cutting. Will the pooting persist for the rest of his days?

Source: YouTube/Storyful Rights Management

Of course not, but it sure is funny.

The camera pans from the dog’s head to his rear, where the disturbance originated.

Source: YouTube/Storyful Rights Management

Is there any hope this dog will regain his dignity?

We hope this dog finds an end to his fit of flatulence. In the meantime, he provides a good laugh. When you’re ready for some more fun, click the link below and see which fictional feline you most resemble!

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